From Stuck To Unstoppable: How To Go From Idea To Launch Audio-Book

Sandy has put together a great resource to calmly talk you down from the scary ledge of overwhelm and get you moving (read: taking ACTION) in the right direction. She encourages and guides you through the basic steps of getting started and getting your product/service out to the world. No fluff here; just concise, actionable steps and worksheets to help you on your journey. It’s an enjoyable and easy read that you can readily come back to anytime you have that overwhelmed feeling. It’s not just for newbies :) ”.


What You Get

  • 45 min audio with valuable, actionable insight and tips
  • 6 awesome lessons designed to get you from stuck to unstoppable
  • Advice from experts including Natalie Sisson, Srinivas Rao, Natalie MacNeil and Benny Hsu

For Only $10